How to Set Goals You’ll Be Able to Accomplish

Set Goals You Can Accomplish

The most frustrating part of having a big goal in mind is not knowing where to start. In fact, the first step is known to be the hardest step. Therefore, in order to make the first step easier, you need to set goals that are realistic and doable.

Be sure to use the following tips to help you set your goals and accomplish them also.

Write Down Your Goals in Order to Hold Yourself Accountable

Keep them in front of you so that you can read them every day and work toward fulfilling your goals. Make it your desktop picture, phone wallpaper or paste them up in your room or on your fridge. You are considerably more likely to accomplish goals that you write down and seeing them will be a daily reminder to continue to work towards them.


Break Up Bigger Goals to Make it More Manageable

Depending on what goals you set, some may seem daunting. By breaking up your big goals into smaller ones, it will make completing tasks more manageable and will encourage you to keep working towards what you set out to do. Write down these smaller goals and create a checklist so that you can continue to cross off things on your list and record your progress.

Set S.M.A.R.T Goals, You’ll Be So Glad You Did

When we say S.M.A.R.T goals, what we mean is that you should set goals that are:


You don’t have to explain your goals to anyone, but your goals should be specific and very clear to you. By setting specific goals, you’ll also be able to more easily track your progress and understand exactly what you hope to accomplish.


You should try to set goals where you can easily measure and track your progress. For example, if you’re trying to improve your health you can track your weight loss, test out workout routines and record your meals. By picking goals where you can record how much you have accomplished and what you still need to work on, you can stay organized and focused.


Don’t set goals that are too difficult or impossible. Setting goals that are too elaborate or that cannot be accomplished in the time you need to complete them will only discourage you and keep you from accomplishing what you want.


Make sure that when you’re working towards something, everything you’re doing is helping you get closely to meeting your goals. When you’re breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable steps, consider how each task gets you one step closer to what you set out to do. Check that you’re staying on track.

Time bound

Setting a deadline will help keep you honest and encourage you to stick to your plan. Just make sure that whatever deadline you set is attainable. Expecting to accomplish your goals in an unreasonable amount of time will only discourage you and add unneeded pressure. Not to mention that if your goals involve your health, it has the potential to cause some serious damage. Play it safe and set a reasonable end date.


So, make your goals list and start working on it. Every day will be a new challenge for you.

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